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Vacant Property Registration

We have a dedicated team that manages vacant property registrations. We track ordinance, administrative, regulatory and statutory changes through our Vacant Property Registration Department, Legal Department and a legislative tracking service. This legislative service provides weekly reports relating to municipalities, cities and other jurisdictions that have introduced or are legislating vacant property registration requirements. The requirements for the various jurisdictions are tracked and recorded in our database.

We will register properties with the appropriate municipalities or jurisdictions that require vacant properties to be registered nationwide. Such registration may be accomplished through:

  • Official government forms
  • Registering on-line
  • Registering via MERS
  • Filing of the owner's vacant property plan
  • Filing the local property management contact
  • Providing proof of owner's liability insurance and/or
  • Handling any other methods or requirements as deemed necessary by the regulatory authority having jurisdiction over the property.

We will pay the applicable registration fees, including the initial, recurring, and/or inspection fees including deposits, as required by a particular jurisdiction. For each property we register, we will monitor the renewal requirements including any ongoing payment of fees as required by the applicable municipality. We will deregister properties which have sold to a new owner.