INVISIBOARD – Press Release

Property Preservation

Preserving Properties From Cradle to Grave
Cyprexx protects and preserves all properties from the beginning of default through the liquidation of the asset.

Cyprexx's experts provide timely identification of damages, estimates, bids to client/investor specifications, code violation identification and registration, and manage all while adhering to investor servicing requirements.

When I visit a Cyprexx maintained home, I expect it to look like every other home in the neighborhood.

Ronnie Ory, Founder



Once a property is determined vacant, Cyprexx will secure it according to investor guidelines.

Damage Identification

Cyprexx will promptly identify and report any potential issues that could cause property deterioration.

Repair Estimates

Once damage is identified, our experts will assess what it will take to stop any further damage and repair any issues presented.

Lawn Maintenance

Cyprexx ensures the property is maintained to investor guidelines and according to local code, avoiding violations and fines.

Code Violation Management

Aimed at the prevention of incurred fees, our code violation team identifies potential code issues and manages any municipal complaints.

Utilities Management

Cyprexx manages the activation, ongoing services, bill payment, and deactivation for each service according to investor guidelines.


Cyprexx winterizes and dewinterizes properties to protect and preserve the integrity of the plumbing system.

Snow Removal

Cyprexx coordinates snow removal in a timely manner in compliance with local municipal code ensuring both safety and access.

Conveyance Preparation

Cyprexx works to bring properties into conveyance condition and keep them secure, maintained, broom swept and free of violations and surchargeable damage.