• Present
  • LOCKWISE, 2018

    Keyless Entry Management System Launch

    Installing a Lockwise Smart Lock eliminates the need for traditional key-based locks and associated monetary and time costs from multiple rekeys. When synchronized with the Prempoint app, Lockwise devices provide a simple solution by granting remote entry via customizable scheduling and entry points.

  • RAILKIT Systems, 2016

    RailKit Systems Launch

    Traditional wood railings were inconsistent and price variable. The development of RailKit was an attractive and standardized solution to satisfy client hand railing requirements.

  • Repurchase, 2014

    Ory Family Repurchases 49% Stake

    This once again made the founders and their family 100% owners of the company.


    InvisiBoard Launch

    Seeing an ongoing issue with the look and security of traditional wood boarding, Ronnie & RJ Ory developed and patented the Invisiboard clear boarding system.

  • Entrepreneur Magazine, 2008

    Named In Entrepreneur Magazine's Hot 100

    Cyprexx was awarded a coveted spot on the Entrepreneur Top 100 list.

  • National Repairs, 2002

    National Repair Program Launch

    Expanded all services and geography to offer full services nationwide.

  • Flat Pricing Model, 1998

    Implemented Flat-Rate Pricing Model

    Innovation is key, and Cyprexx was one of the first property preservation companies to introduce flat-rate pricing for clients.

  • Business Expansion, 1996

    Business Model Re-Focused

    Ever the nimble and dynamic company, Cyprexx restructured to accommodate new lines of business.

  • Foreclosure Repairs, 1990

    Began Repairing Foreclosed Properties in Tampa, FL

    Leveraging part-building experience, Cyprexx began expanding into the property preservation field.

  • Cyprexx Founded, 1989

    The Beginning

    Early 1900s photo of Founder and COB Ronnie J. Ory’s grandfather and great grandfather showing the continued generations of contractors. Ronnie and Linda Ory started out originally as contractors in the new home building and development business.