INVISIBOARD – Press Release

Tenant Occupied Services

Preserving and Maintaining the Habitability of Occupied Homes
Cyprexx offers a variety of services for occupied homes. These services are designed to maintain the habitability of a property during its occupancy as well as preserve the value of the asset.

Cyprexx coordinates initial inspections with the current tenant to assess the conditions of a property. Cyprexx also coordinates the necessary repairs to maintain the property’s habitability in order to help its clients maintain compliance.

Cyprexx takes a very hands on approach when it comes to preserving assets.

RJ Ory, Executive VP

Services Offered

Securing & Re-Key

Once the property is deemed vacant, Cyprexx will re-key and secure the home.

Clear Boarding via InvisiBoard

Cyprexx's patented clear boarding installation method eliminates blight caused by legacy boarding methods.

Debris Removal

From basic trash to larger furniture items, Cyprexx will ensure the property is completely cleaned out of all debris.

Sales Clean

Properties are inspected and refresh cleaned according to client specifications to ensure the integrity of the property.

Initial Lawn Maintenance

Through lawn care services, Cyprexx makes sure that from the street, the asset does not appear like a blighted home.

Additional Service Packages

Cyprexx can design a tailored service at the request of the client in the event the property requires special services.


A proper winterization ensures that the property’s plumbing is preserved for the relevant season.

Eviction Services

Evictions can be troublesome, but Cyprexx will handle the processes calmly and professionally.

Cash For Keys

Cyprexx will assist the client in the organization of a Deed in Lieu or Cash for Keys exchange.