INVISIBOARD – Press Release


Innovative Products Improving Safety, Security, and Appearance


Cyprexx, in partnership with Prempoint Inc., has launched a new entry management system.

Installing Lockwise eliminates the need for traditional key-based locks, and associated monetary and time costs from multiple rekeys. When synchronized with the Prempoint app, Lockwise devices provide a simple solution by granting remote entry via customizable scheduling and entry points.

Lockwise is designed with an advanced level of encryption technology to eliminate the potential for hacking, providing security and peace of mind.

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Cyprexx developed the patented InvisiBoard installation system to reduce neighborhood blight.

The InvisiBoard goal is to create safer, more secure properties that are indistinguishable from other properties in the neighborhood. By maintaining properties consistent with neighborhood standards, our goal is to ensure that vacant and abandoned properties do not negatively affect the community or values of nearby assets.

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Cyprexx's innovative, high-quality handrail product. RailKit Systems is a customizable, finished product, which can be shipped with all components ready for installation.

RailKit Systems is a more durable, attractive solution than most wood versions of handrails now commonly installed, most of which are non-permanent and unsightly.

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