INVISIBOARD – Press Release

Vacant Property Registration

Comprehensive Compliance With Registration Requirements
Cyprexx has a dedicated team that manages all vacant property registrations. They track ordinance, administrative, regulatory and statutory changes through Cyprexx's Vacant Property Registration Department, Legal Department, and a legislative tracking service. Cyprexx will complete property registrations, renewals, and de-registrations as required on behalf of its clients.

We treat these properties as if they were our own properties; we’re very proud of what we do.

Ed Mullen, CEO

Services Offered


Cyprexx maintains an in-house compliance division that stays abreast of new or changing regulations.

Property Registration Filings

Cyprexx files appropriate documentation for registrations and renewals on behalf of clients to ensure legal obligations are met.

Signage Postings

Where necessary, Cyprexx will post signage that meets the requirements of municipal code.


Cyprexx will post bonds as required by ordinance on behalf of its clients.

Monthly Inspection Reporting

Cyprexx complies with inspection requirements and reports results to the community.


Proprietary software reviews inventory for various events that trigger registration needs such as loan status, vacancy or first legal filings.