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Vendor FAQs

You Have Questions, We have Answers

General Questions (3)

Get the basics on becoming a Cyprexx Vendor.

What is required to apply to become a Cyprexx Vendor?
How long does it take to hear back from Cyprexx after I submit my application?
Where can I obtain a price list for services?

Account Management (5)

Learn how to manage your vendor account.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?
How do I review the documents submitted to vendor support?
How do I update my contact information?
How do I update the services my company offers?
I need a refresher on some of the information provided to me when I first became a vendor, where can I find some reference material?

Navigating The Web Portal (7)

Get detailed explanations of how to utilize the vendor Web Portal.

How do I login to The Cyprexx Web Portal?

Users can access the Cyprexx Web Portal by logging in at www.cyprexx.com or by using the following link: https://portal.cyprexx.com.

What Browsers are compatible?
How do I find my way around The Cyprexx Web Portal or upload photos?
Are there any deals available through Cyprexx?
How do I check any general servicing messages from Cyprexx?
How do I submit an invoice or check on a submitted invoice, and how can I see what invoices were paid on checks that I receive?
How do I get information on jobs I previously completed, or my upcoming and pending jobs?
What size photos should I upload?
What is my username and password?

Further Assistance (6)

Discover answers to more nuanced questions.

What do I do if a job that is assigned to me isn't showing on My Dashboard?
How do I contact Cyprexx's Accounting Department?
How do I find contact information for the coordinator(s) that handle my area?
I'm a new vendor – when will I receive work?
How do I update my coverage area?
What do I do if I'm having an issue with The Cyprexx Web Portal that isn't addressed here?
How do I contact the Cyprexx coordinators that dispatch work assignments?
Do I submit a bid for every job?