INVISIBOARD – Press Release

Mobile Technology Partners

Property Preservation For The 21st Century

At Cyprexx, technology drives the success of its business. Cyprexx staff leverages its proprietary technology platform to dispatch thousands of work orders per day directly to its "boots on the ground" vendor network. The expansive Cyprexx vendor network is able to access all details about the work order directly from their mobile phone.

Vendors utilize the Pruvan app, which not only shows work orders but also allows vendors to submit all of the photos needed to process a completed work order. This streamlined work order system ensures both compliance to client guidelines and speeds up the reimbursement process for vendors. Vendors can also access the Cyprexx vendor Web Portal which contains helpful documentation and information that they can utilize to service properties more effectively.


Pruvan is fully integrated with Cyprexx, enabling users to receive work orders in the field, take photos, and complete orders by sending photos instantly.

The geocode on each photos ensures that the photo sent is accurate, up-to-date, and taken at the correct property.

All of the integrated data can be filtered into customizable reports in the field, used to manage all work orders, organize all photos, and field data with Pruvan's desktop downloader.

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