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Services Overview

We work with lenders, government sponsored enterprises (GSEs), loan servicers, asset management companies and brokers nationwide to meet their default, inspection and REO property needs. From inspections at the onset of default to initial securing and clean-ups to repairs and maintenance, we offer this full suite of national field services through our network of qualified vendors.

Our Services

Property Preservation

Our Property Preservation Department provides a full range of field services which can be customized into packages that allow clients to choose the services that best suit their needs. We are continually focused on creating greater efficiencies in the preservation process resulting in faster turn times and reduced pre-marketing times for our clients.

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Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is the commitment to continuous care in the upkeep of REO properties. Upon completion of initial services, we perform ongoing lawn maintenance, monthly refresh cleans, weekly pool service, and snow removal as needed. Our dedicated property maintenance teams are focused on ensuring maintenance is consistently performed to maximize marketability and ensure compliance with local ordinances.

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National Repairs

Our National Repair Department manages all full scope rehabilitation project repair work. We provide uniform, professionally-assembled scopes of work that allow our clients to more efficiently manage their repair process by utilizing a consistent bid approach.

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Property Inspections

We understand that current and accurate information assists our clients in making informed decisions about their properties. We have the capability to perform any inspection needed on a national scale. From routine occupancy checks to customized inspection reports, our qualified inspectors provide accurate and timely information to our clients.

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Tenant Occupied Services

We perform services for occupied homes to maintain and preserve the habitability of a property. We coordinate the initial inspection with the current tenant in order to assess the livability conditions of a property. We then coordinate the necessary repairs to maintain the habitability of the property.

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Vacant Property Registration

We have a dedicated team that manages all vacant property registrations. We track ordinance, administrative, regulatory and statutory changes through our Vacant Property Registration Department, Legal Department and a legislative tracking service.

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More Services

Initial Services

  • Intial Re-key
  • Debris Removal
  • Initial Lawn Cut
  • Board-ups
  • Sales Clean
  • Winterization
  • Pool


  • Lawn
  • Ongoing Cleans
  • Pool
  • Snow Removal


  • Property Condition Reports
  • Occupancy Verifications
  • Contact Inspections
  • Field Inspections
  • Habitability Inspections

Additional Services

  • Vacant Property Registration
  • Tenant Occupied Services
  • Emergency Repair Services


  • Complete Rehabilitation Projects