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Property Maintenance


Property Maintenance

Department is committed to the continuous care and upkeep of REO properties. Upon completion of initial services, we perform ongoing lawn maintenance, monthly refresh cleans, weekly pool service, and snow removal as needed. Our dedicated property maintenance teams are focused on ensuring maintenance is consistently performed to maximize marketability and ensure compliance with local ordinances. By providing recurring interior and exterior services, we promote continued curb appeal and pride of ownership to all homes.

  • Lawn Maintenance

    Ongoing lawn maintenance generally begins once a property has undergone initial services. Cut schedules can be established as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on seasonal needs. Typical maintenance services include: mowing front, sides, and back yard, edging walkways, weed eating, trimming shrubs, weeding flower beds, and removing all clippings.

  • Routine Sales Clean

    Routine monthly refresh sales cleans to maintain the property in a "show ready", clean, presentable and safe environment. Our refresh sales cleans include: cleaning cabinets, pantry, counter tops, sinks, faucets, tubs, showers, toilets, ceiling fans, mirrors, light fixtures, HVAC vents, and baseboards, vacuum carpets, wet mop vinyl and ceramic floors, clean ceramic walls and place new air fresheners on sinktops.

  • Pool Maintenance

    Pool maintenance is available per clients' request. Pool services range from start-up (drain, acid wash, refill, chemical balance) to equipment repair and replacement if necessary.

    Our standard pool maintenance includes testing pool water and adding chemicals accordingly, clean skimmer basket, pump basket and netting as well as brushing, vacuuming and backwashing. All performed regularly by experienced contractors.

  • Snow removal

    In states where snow is on the ground, snow removal will be performed in lieu of lawn maintenance during winter months. Snow removal services are performed on an "as needed" basis. Areas with high snow volume are closely monitored to ensure compliance with city and town ordinances.

  • Landscape Packages

    Landscape packages are available as an option where clients seek to improve the marketability of the asset. Packages vary from installing weed barrier and adding mulch to planting shrubs and flowers to improve curb appeal.