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With 20 years of experience, more than 500 employees, 5 locations, and a network of more than 20,000 vendor partners, we are a leader in the field services industry. We offer property preservation and maintenance, repairs, custom services, inspections, tenant occupied services, vacant property registration throughout the entire United States. Our goal is to maintain properties so that they appear to be owner occupied properties. We manage turn times to ensure the shortest pre-marketing times and quality so that each property is in the most marketable condition possible.

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Cyprexx Industry Leadership

We are a company on the move – driving some of the most exciting new opportunities in the REO industry. Financially and strategically, we are positioned to be the industry forerunner for years to come. Our Company consists of a Preservation Department with property coordinating teams covering every state in the country, a Repair Department providing repairs from minor to large scale property rehabilitation, a Non-Program Department that performs repairs and inspections nationally.

Clients we Serve:

  • Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs)
  • Financial Institutions
  • Mortgage Servicers
  • Asset Management Companies
  • Investors
  • Brokers
  • Property Owners
  • Lenders

Vendor Management

We have a dedicated vendor management department that screens and qualifies all prospective vendors before they are signed up with us. This department also helps to ensure the vendors' ongoing compliance with maintaining minimum insurance coverages, applicable licensing requirements, and any other certifications.

Cyprexx Employees

Minimal staff turnover allows us to maintain a knowledgeable, seasoned group of coordinators and a management team that oversees the field service process. In order to manage growth and the need to hire additional employees, we maintain relationships with nine staffing agencies. Our Human Resources department interviews all applicants to qualify each potential hire. We also maintain a full-time training staff with five trainers. Each facility has its own state-of-the-art training room. All new hires go through a rigorous training regimen.

Customer Centric Account Management

We focus heavily on customer service, and teams are organized to provide clients with consistency and accountability. Clients are able to speak directly with the coordinators and management team that oversee their properties. This organization structure also streamlines the escalation process when issues arise.

Flexible Operations Division

We develop new processes and procedures based on client and internal feedback. We continually seek new and better ways to operate the business, seeking efficiencies and quality for clients.

Multiple Tier Quality Assurance (QA) Model

Our focus on quality is vital to the model's success. It utilizes multiple tiers of quality assurance programs in order to ensure that vendors are completing the work per our standards and client’s requirements. Those tiers include:

  1. Coordinator Review – The coordinator that dispatches the property to a vendor receives and reviews before, after, and action photos of the work completed by the initial services vendor to ensure the work was completed properly.
  2. Dedicated QA team - A separate quality assurance team reviews the same photos submitted by the vendor that completed the initial services. Each initial services job is reviewed at least twice prior to billing a client.
  3. Field QA Representatives - We employ a department of field quality assurance representatives located in key markets around the country who provide us with a local presence to review properties and provide on-the-ground training to vendors in the marketplace.
  4. Blitz Strategy - We use a blitz strategy which incorporates our coordinators, management team and QA representatives traveling to specific markets to inspect large numbers of properties by putting multiple teams on the ground. These reviews are also coordinated with the vendors that performed the work to incorporate vendor training.
  5. Separation of Initial Services and Maintenance - Additionally, we use different vendors to manage initial services and maintenance. By using different vendors, we add a level of quality control to the process when the maintenance vendor is required to sign-off that the initial services were completed to satisfaction and the maintenance vendor is taking ownership of the property from that point forward.