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Pruvan is now fully integrated with Cyprexx enabling you to receive work orders and send photos instantly. A Pruvan account has three elements: a mobile app to take photos and complete customizable surveys in the field, an online account to manage all your work orders from different vendors, and a desktop downloader to store and organize your photos and field data.

  • Cyprexx work orders appear automatically in Pruvan. No refresh needed!
  • Photos are sent back automatically in real time to the office
  • Complete the Vendor Maintenance Questionnaire on the mobile app and send the results to the office instantly
  • Send results to Cyprexx directly or QC photos and survey data in your Pruvan Online account before publishing
  • Organize photos and survey data automatically with the Pruvan Downloader
  • Photos are time and date stamped, geo-tagged, tamper proof, and Pruvan Certified
  • Unlimited work orders with unlimited photos
  • Try Pruvan at no charge with a free account

All of this for as low as $12 per month.
To create your account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click
  2. Follow the steps on the page above to get set up and integrated with Cyprexx in no time!
  3. Questions? Call us at (512)-244-9511 x4 or write to us at