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About Us

Our Company History

We have a 20-year track record of providing field services to residential mortgage lenders and real estate owned asset management firms.

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Our Technology Solution

We regularly customize services and processes through implementation of unique scopes of service, processes, and IT solutions to meet client needs.

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Customer-Centric Account Mgmt.

We continuously strive to improve process, quality and communication between client, vendor, internal input and any interested party to the transaction.

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Who We Are

We are a company centered around vendor management. As a full-service default and REO field services company, we have a 20-year track record of managing vendors while providing services to residential mortgage lenders, investors, brokers and asset management firms.

The Cyprexx mission is to set the standard by which default mortgage field services are measured, enabling our clients to effectively manage default losses and ultimately promoting home ownership.

We are a Tampa, Florida based family-run company providing property preservation, inspection, repairs, tenant occupied, and vacant property registration services through a nationwide network of more than 20,000 vendors. We continually seek to expand by adding new lines of business, growing our staff, enhancing processes and continuously developing proprietary technology platforms.

With our 20 years of vendor management experience, we have developed and honed our processes, procedures, staff and technology to effectively and efficiently manage vendors through every step of a project from beginning to end.

About Our Vendor Partners

Sharp screening, comprehensive training and timely pay schedules are all ways we attract and retain the top contractors in the country. The best want to work with the best. Our quality control program ensures your job is done right. Right away.

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InvisiBoard™ | Polycarbonate Clear Boarding Solution

InvisiBoard™ is a patented, alternative clear window boarding system that provides a more attactive view from the street, while protecting and securing vacant and abandoned properties without compromising the resale value of a home.